Tachyon Wellness System - 3 Person

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Tachyon Wellness Chamber - 3 Person

Historically the Tachyon Wellness, Vertical or Tachyon NEO-Field Generating systems have been associated with quick and deep detoxification, activating immune system responses and when ready, expanding consciousness.
They have also been exemplary in treating and recovering from injuries. Mental fatigue, emotional imbalances and even mood swings can melt into balance. Meditation is amplified and they
 are unquestionably the most powerful conscious expanding systems in existence.

Tachyon Wellness Chamber is the most gentle from the three systems available.

All Tachyon panels are custom made for each unit. The 
Tachyon Panels are installed on the top, raining Tachyons downwards. Tachyon Panels are directional and the energy flows through the entire chamber and into the Earth creating a wonderful space for integration and relaxation. 

Exploring the Side effects from using Tachyon Wellness Chamber: 
What may seem to the uneducated to be a negative effect are in reality, the body’s natural healing response as it begins to move (bifurcate) back towards health and balance. From an educated point of view, a healing crisis is a welcomed sign that the depleted systems are beginning to function at higher levels.
Tachyon Wellness Chamber is the most gentle on the biological system. If there is a detoxification happening it would be very smooth and gentle for the body.
Remember that Tachyon only brings order to disorder as it energizes the SOEFs, which then facilitates the healing process.
Watch the video about "
Understanding the Wonderful Effects of Detoxification" - Right Here 

 *All panels designed around our 6" inch Tachyonized Disks

Model: TWR-3 Person System


  • Interior: 56 ¾”W x 39 ¾”D x 71 ½”H
  • Exterior: 60 ½”W x 48 ¾”D x 78 ½”H

Electrical Specifications:

  • 120 Volt | 2225 Watt | 20 Amp
  • 10 Heaters Total

Tachyon Panels

  • 3 panels2017-03-28-1452-001.png
  • 6" inch Tachyonized disks panels
  • Total disks in panels = 20


  • Touch Sensor
  • Lock
  • Reservation
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Light
  • Dual Control
  • Single Control


  • FSC Cedar Wood
  • Exterior Light
  • LED light 96 Diode
  • Ergonomic Bench
  • TruInfra Heater
  • Standard Backrest: 1
  • Low EMF Tecoloy Heaters
  • Low EMF TruInfra Heaters
  • Low Back Heater
  • Floor Heater
  • Glass Mirrored
  • Panaramic View
  • Magazine Holder
  • Interior Shelf
  • Interior Towel Bar

Sound System

  • CD
  • AUX
  • Bluetooth
  • AM/FM
  • Speakers

Shipping Details:

  • Number of Boxes: 2
  • Ships VIA LTL

All sizes and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. 

Other  wonderful benefits: 

Old growth cedar
100% Western Red Canadian cedar trees that no longer absorb as much CO2 are hand selected for their sustainable and curative properties. Resistant to bacteria and low shrinkage rate, cedar trees create the ultimate source for infrared products.

Environmentally green
From the land where the trees grow to the factory it’s assembled, the entire chain of custody holds the highest industry certifications. Certifications include the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC), the Sustainable Forest Initiative (SFI), and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC)

100% quality + waste free
All the pieces are visually inspected and only the finest premium pieces are selected for optimal quality like no other. A step further is taken and every inch of the tree is utilized, creating a 100% green product.

Heated benefits
By warming your body directly, the recognized Patented Tecoloy™ infrared heaters provide proven superior benefits by using lower temperatures that target healing from the inside out.

Hand inspected + easy assembly
Each product is hand inspected for quality control with the highest standard in the industry, delivered right to your door, and is easy to assemble.

Replanting for a sustainable future
Ten saplings are planted for every old growth that is removed, protecting biodiversity and completing the cycle of environmentally conscious healing.

EMF Safe product
Third Party EMF Testing tried multiple heaters in various locations within a chamber. At merely 2 inches away from the heaters, all measurements fall below the standard for safe, consistent use.



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Additional Info

For Complete Terms and Conditions click on the WARRANTY INFORMATION link at the bottom of the product description
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