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A comfortable, warm Tachyonized knit beanie. Great for charging the entire brain.

• 60% cotton/40% acrylic completely Tachyonized

Changing your world now

What if we could all have an undershirt, or complete wardrobe of shirts and such? 
What if our babies and kids could have the power of Tachyon wrapped around them? 
What if we could go into work completely protected and causing balance all around us, everyday?  
Would it change your life? Absolutely!

Some basic benefits of wearing Tachyonized clothing:

  • Protect the whole body from EMFs
  • Charge the entire physical core
  • Promote healing from the inside out, all day
  • Reduce stress
  • Become the balanced energy system all the time.
  • Naturally be perceived as larger and more charismatic.
  • The characteristics of a leader.
  • Increased system functionality
  • Increased endurance
  • Increased strength
  • Increased inner peace

Just the start of the good list. It is hard for most to realize the life impacts, both internal and external, that would be a part of wearing Tachyon materials day and night.

Custom Tachyonized:

The product is permanently Tachyonized.  The material may wear out, but the fact that the product has been restructured at the sub-molecular level, never wears out. Rest assured, the Tachyonization process is permanent.

Print Care Instructions

Follow our care instructions to look after your Tachyonized custom printed products.


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Taco Dec 20th 2017


I'm very fond of this beanie. Now that it's winter time here in the Netherlands I wear it a lot. It has a positive feel to it! On a cold night I experimented with wearing it during my sleep (with the window a little bit open for fresh air) and I had long and vivid dreams that night.

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Additional Info

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